Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer


Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer


RICHFIELD Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer is extracted from marine seaweed.It contains Cytokinin, oligomeric alginate potassium, betaine, manitol, polysaccharide, iodine, microelement and alginic polyphenol etc. It can be used as a nutrient to prepare special fertilizer, foliar fertilizer and pesticide. It's widely used in agricultural production such as pollution-free bases, flowers and nurseries.


Ca + Mg               100g/L

Seaweed extract    300g/L

Boron+Zn             0.5g/L


Liquid spray


1. Balance promotion of vegetative plant growth and reproductive growth, improve soil microenvironment.

2. Enhance the survival ability of crops under adverse environment, promote flower bud differentiation, preserve flowers and fruits.

3. Replenish the secondary elements and reduce fruit cracking, fruit shrink and deformity fruit.

4. Increase the thickness of the cell wall, improve the hardness of the fruit, make the fruit peel smooth without spots, and prolong the storage period.

5. Adopt plant cell signal induction technique which we obtain the patent. According to different combinations, it can synergistic basic mineral nutrition, accurate or integrated to promote the growth of plants.


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Prevent direct sunlight.


1L, 5L, 20L, 200L, 1000L bottle/tank


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